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Water from the
Ice Age

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Baby water and
spring water

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Water in

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Fromin Spring

Source of Fromin water

15,000 years ago the glaciers covering the mountains of northern Bohemia started to thaw.

The thawing water seeped through geologically favourable places into the ground and started to collect in the depths of the earth, where its purity has been preserved to this day.

Water Composition

Water analysis – Analysis from 6.1.2011, no PR1049756
ALS Czech Republic, s.r.o., ČIA, 1163

Cations [mg/l]Anions [mg/l]

Total mineralisation: TDS (180°C) 172 mg/l

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Water in barrels


The new generation barrel is collapsible and non-returnable. The barrel is a breakthrough in the way larger volumes of packaged water is delivered.

The non-returnable barrel:

  • cannot be contaminated by chemicals used for rinsing returnable barrels;
  • is half as light as normal barrels, making t easy to transfer and place on water dispensers;
  • is protected against the sun’s rays, preventing the growth of algae;
  • is ecological, as new barrels of the same quality can be made from used barrels;
  • can be stored for a long period of time,  and no empty barrels pile up;
  • is delivered in a carton box with a one-year guarantee. This shelf life allows the consumer to have a sufficient stock of water for a longer period of time.

The non-returnable barrel:

  • has a patented system allowing the barrel to be collapsed once emptied, this takes up a minimum amount of space in recycling bins;
  • can be delivered as a postal package or sold in all trade networks;
  • allows water to be pumped out using an accumulator pump;
  • contains untreated FROMIN water that
    meets the strictest spring water requirements, 
    making it the most suitable drink   
    for everyday consumption throughout your entire life.

In cooperation with the Czech Post (Česká pošta), we have prepared a service allowing youto order any number of barrels to be delivered to your address. Service details can be found in the section DELIVERY AND SUBSCRIPTION.

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Baby water and
spring water

Baby water for the health of your baby while you are still pregnant.

„Baby Water“ is not a product name, but a term used by the Water. Act to classify water of a specific quality. The product label can state the term „Baby Water“ only if all the legal conditions determining the total amount of mineralisation and microbiological purity of water for natural spring waters have been met. Baby Water cannot be treated chemically or through filtration, and the only treatment allowed is UV radiation. FROMIN Baby Water is 100% natural spring water that is not treated in any way, not even by UV rays.

FROMIN Baby Water is an ideal drink for expecting mothersto ensure the healthy development of the foetus and for infants after delivery. The quality of this water enables it to be used in the preparation of baby food, even without heating, and thanks to a low content of minerals FROMIN Baby Water is also the ideal drink for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle, regardless of age.

Spring water

FROMIN spring water comes from the same deep well as FROMIN Baby water, which makes it one of the highest grades of water beneficial for the human body. Due to its low mineralisation and perfect microbiological purity, this water is ideal for drinking on a daily basic to maintain your drinking regime.

Thanks to its composition, FROMIN spring water is the most suitable liquid for the preparation of cold and hot drinks, and we also recommend it for cookinf food.

By using FROMIN spring water, you will allow the aromatic ingredients of drinks and food to come together in perfect natural harmony without any intrusive tastes from the chemicals commonly used in treating drinking water.

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Water from the Ice Age

The journey of FROMIN water, Water from the Ice Age, started approximately 15,000 years ago at a time when the mountains of northern Bohemia were covered in ice, and the water from thawing glaciers started to seep underground.

We have created exclusive packaging for this unique water of the highest possible quality and have put a messageinto its name to remind consumers that they are drinking premium water – Water from the Ice Age. We devote the maximum amount of care when pumping the water to ensure that our customers receive the very best the planet has produced. We guarantee that the Water from the Ice Age does not undergo any treatment process and that it remains, with all of its fascinating natural and metaphysical memory, a living witness to a world unaffected by industry and dangerous civilisation waste.

The packaging, the only one of its kind amongst bottled waters, has won international awards and is meant to remind us at all timesof the remarkable character of this water, leaving no doubts that it is truly unique.

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Other products

NEUROFIT – to relieve headaches and fatigue

This product combines two components which belong together – a natural healing substance in the capsules in the lid and high-quality spring water in the cup. The capsules contain fully naturalnon-addictive, unique substances forrelieving headaches and stimulating the body (despite being caffeine-free).

This product is ideal for drivers, those with cerebral jobs, students and anyone interested in improving mental performance, memory and concentration. It helps to intensify blood circulation in the brain and as a result supports the activity of the heart and the vascular system.


A 100% natural drink from the unique substances of nucleotides and herbal extracts. It works as a turbo in the human organism, prompting many positive turbo effects. FLY is a one-of-a-kind product with no competition. It is made using a substance acquired through a patented procedure. The FLY recipe is inimitable and represents a new line of functional drinks. Standard energy drinks are a thing of the past. The future is FROMIN FLY!


  • regenerates and slows down the process of aging;
  • ensures the restoration of mental and physical power;
  • increases mental and brain performance and the ability to concentrate;
  • helps the treatment of vessel circulation in the lower limbs;
  • increases blood circulation in the heart, brain and the vascular system;
  • has powerful stimulative effects on the nervous system;
  • helps against chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • helps as prevention against vascular complications suffered by diabetics;
  • helps during the treatment of heart attacks and strokes;
  • increases sexual activity, helps with frigidity and problems with erection;
  • strengthens the immune system to fight off infections and tumour illnesses.

Ingredients: Imuregen, Ginkgo biloba extract, Schizandra chinensis, ginseng, Leuzea carthamoides, vitamin E, C, green tea with plum flavour, water.

Bio syrup

Bio food products in their pure form are the only way to taste and eat foods with their original natural flavour and energy quality, with no harmful herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, GMOs and other dangerous substances. In terms of BIO, FROMIN water is an absolutely bio product that has been protected against civilisation impurities for 15,000 years.

The long-term health of humans is directly dependent on the regular intake of good quality water, which performs a whole range of irreplaceable tasks in the human body. An insufficient intake of liquids causes majorhealth problems, but it is known that most children do not enjoy drinking pure water in generaland they drink far less than they should. That is why we have decided to develop bio syrups with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives and artificial colourings which comply with all legal requirements and are registered and protected by the Czech and Austrian BIO trademark.

The syrups are packaged in 500 ml bottles.
The recommended ratio for mixing is 1 part syrup to 13 parts water.
The special membrane cap prevents the syrup from spilling down the bottle when pouring.

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About FROMIN – about us – about water

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Our company has been involved for a long period of time with the most important source of life on Earth – water. Nevertheless, we are more than simply a plant for bottling water working strictly within the limits set by standards and legal regulations; we also collect and study all available information about water, both from traditional science and alternative and historical sources.

Based on our knowledge we treat water as a living organism and do not damage it by using any unnatural methods. We understand very well how serious the impact on our health would be if we drank water that did not have the proper composition or had been treated in an unsuitable way.

This approach allows us to provide you the best water the Earth can possibly offer, in its absolutely natural form.

We understand that it is not only about water as such. It would not be possible to deliver the water to you without a whole number of accompanying production processes. Therefore, we place a heavy emphasis on ecology and take a progressive approach not only to packaging but to the entire production process. We use and buy state-of-the-art technology, materials and procedures. We use 100% recyclable PET, we are eliminating chemicals from production, we use energy from solar power plants, and much more.

This is how we invest back into our health and nature, and into us, humans.

Naturally, many other products are connected with water and we treat them with the same seriousness as the production of packaged water. We focus exclusively on natural products, and therefore our portfolio contains only that which is best for your health.

About water

Packaged water

We are convinced that it makes sense to bottle water only if the water is natural, untouched and of such high quality that it is not possible to deliver it to the consumer in any other way.  We are also convinced that drinks made with such water should not contain any artificial sweeteners, artificial colourings or preservatives, as the water would be completely devalued and would become a meaningless product harmful to human health.

Nothing equals water

We understand that the consumption of unsuitable water and drinks can be dangerous for humans, as very small concentrations of unsuitable substances accumulate in the human body for a number of years and eventually start to harm human health in a detectable manner. Before they appear as an illness, that is. Some illnesses are difficult to treat, and some cannot be treated at all, as in these cases the body’s organs and the vascular system are filled with a ballast of minerals and other substances. That is why we are only interested in deep water with low mineralisation.


Warehouses without any daylight form an integral part of our production.
They are perfect in terms of legal hygienic regulations.

The product moves along a direct line from production to warehouse to loading platform.

Warehouses are equipped with cooling devices with thermo-regulation and the insulation parameters of a cooling box shut off from daylight.


  • The production complex was built in the immediate vicinity of the deep wells containing the rare, high-quality water.
  • The wells reach a depth of 300 m.
  • The production conditions and technological procedures respect the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • The manufacturing equipment in the production hall is first-rate and has been certified in accordance with EU standards.
  • The sanitation system and disinfection technologies are under the continuous control

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